Ultim is an agency focused on creating product design mostly for startups from the DeFi space. While working as a worldwide designer I collaborated with them on several projects and we’ve achieved great results together!

Our contribution:

Developed hi-fi prototypes and conducted user testing to assess performance and created all assets in collaboration with the development team.

Managed restructuring and redesigning of the companies website

Conducted user research using personas methodology

Architected a flexible design system enabling the dev team to maintain consistency across hundreds of screens for different parts of the platform


Spectral is a powerful crypto WebApp designed to provide seamless monitoring of on-chain creditworthiness. With Spectral, you can effortlessly review high-risk loan activities and gain valuable insights


The app provides intuitive data visualisations and automated stock analysis to help you understand a stock's fundamentals within minutes


DFX is a groundbreaking permissionless and capital efficient finance platform, revolutionising the world of crypto FX trading. With its innovative approach and cutting-edge features, DFX has emerged as the industry leader in crypto FX trading protocols

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